Monday, October 4, 2010

Dealing with the winter blues

As mentioned in a few articles now (And in the recent one below) we have had a very slow winter here at J J Morgan and Co. this was not our intention as we had a lot of shows lined up featuring artists from around the world. But much to our disappointment we have unfortunately found ourselves in a situation where the building that we are in has just continually given way to the elements in this case water and so have found ourselves slowly cancelling or postponing up coming shows until the landlords/owners are willing to rectify the issues. As you can imagine these circumstances have been very upsetting and disappointing to say the least for the team here at JJ Morgan and Co. and all though very off putting we have kept an open line for the artists involved (Thank you for your support you guys are great) and an open mind to moving on with events be it in this space if fixed, another venue (if suitable for artists), online or as it maybe for our last event this year at JJ Morgan on the ceiling. Yip that’s right the ceiling the only safe place for work at the moment, the talented and very adventurist artist Brydee Rood (Of Auckland) having just arrived back from unveiling a new work in Germany will be making a guest appearance as our last resident artist for the year. You can see here new work up close from 5:30pm onwards on Saturday the 9th of October.