Thursday, December 17, 2009

Submissions now open


JJMorgan and Co’s purpose is to facilitate, nurture and develop the existing local and national art scene. Helping to foster and extend the communication and relationship between the arts and the community. JJMorgan and Co. also holds the following aims:

- To operate as a self funded initiative therefore allowing artists to
experiment without market pressure.
- To engage with and serve the local community of Wellington and other like minded communities throughout New Zealand.
- To support, serve and host the artists, curators and creative individuals or groups of Wellington and New Zealand.
- To provide a vehicle that aims to set up, educate and encourage others to achieve within a supportive environment.

JJMorgan and Co. is not just another art space or arts initiative. JJmorgan and Co. recognizes that it serves an artistically dynamic and diverse community. This realization has lead to tailoring an organization that aims to meet the community’s needs rather than cloning the function and structure of other contemporary art spaces. Therefore, in conjunction with exhibiting contemporary visual art JJMorgan and Co also includes other art forms for instance design, performance and hosts discussion, artists and curator residencies and also provides a free from studio environment that allows for new work to take shape.

Location and physical description:

Andrew Black
Katrina Jobsis
Justin Jade Morgan

JJMorgan and Co. is a free form working space (Gallery plus studio’s) that is self-founded by a select group of individuals who are dedicated to supporting the development and creative output of artists, designers and curators from New Zealand and aboard.

We are based at 3 Cruickshank Street in between Kilbirnie and Lyall Bay, Wellington, New Zealand.

JJMorgan and Co. also maintains an online presence through

This online presence serves as an open link or doorway for the community, to view upcoming events or documentation of exhibitions and projects as well as a means to gather information about artists to help extend and build on the arts and its connection with the community as a whole.

JJMorgan and Co. is an extension, a step forward from JustArt a nomadic community initiative that begin back in 2002. For more information please feel free to visit for a brief history of JustArt.

Proposal submissions are now being taken. An outline of the proposal criteria is available below.


J.J Morgan & Co. Takes a proportion of its projects program from proposals and is always open to interesting ideas that broaden the relationship to art and the way that it is viewed.

Applications are received and considered at any time.
Proposals may be for new projects or for exhibitions that have already been curated (not viewed in Wellington). J.J Morgan & Co. encourages the use of the organisation as a site for developmental work, new projects and is open to linking with other groups or organisations and is willing to discuss projects that are still in the pipeline.

*Please note Proposals and support material can be emailed and if posted can only be returned if return postage and self-addressed envelope is included in your initial package.
Post to: 1A Cruickshank Street, Kilbirnie, Wellington 6022

J.J. Morgan & Co. requires the following in support of proposals:

• Concept & Rationale for the proposed exhibition;
this need not normally be more than an A4 page. It should include a succinct account of the idea behind the proposal, including a discussion of the themes the artist(s)/curator(s) treat, or the theoretical background of the work, etcetera. Plans for any writing or publication associated with the exhibition should be mentioned and a time line or preferred dates.
Note; Don't forget to mention which part of the JJMorgan and Co. building you would like to use.

Studio A (If not in use)
Main gallery space

• Documentation Recent work to support your proposal can include any of the following: Website URLS, DVD or CD-ROM. Documentation of the exhibition is suitable if the show has already been curated. Please make sure that the documentation is of good quality. Description of the work(s) must be clear and comprehensible.

• Current CV of the participants. Decisions can be made more readily, the more information we are given to work with (eg, hire of equipment, timelines, freight, etc).

Please bear in mind that there are only a certain number of exhibitions possible in a given year, so submitting a proposal is no guarantee of acceptance (This is not necessarily a reflection on the proposal).

We are willing to sit down and discuss matters relating to support and funding.